User Guide

You can download the user guides for each feature of MAXWORK.

The use of MAXWORK starts when the super admin who purchased MAXWORK plan registers the users on the Admin site.
Download each user guide to get help in use MAXWORK.

Tip. You can download all of MAXWORK's User Guides at once.

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    MAXWORK Service Guide

    This is the MAXWORK service guide.
    Use it if you need an explanation of the entire MAXWORK.

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    MAXWORK Admin Site

    This is the starting point for using MAXWORK.
    We provide a guide from user registration to the role of a super admin.

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    1:N AR Remote Support

    This is a guide to using the remote app/web.
    Select and check the guide you want for each device.


    AR Manual Creation Tool

    This is a guide for Create that can create AR manuals.
    It provides usage for the most efficient manual creation.

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    AR Manual Viewer

    This is a user’s guide of Direct which shows IoT data and manual contents on the facility by simply pointing the camera on the device without searching.

Download MAXWORK app

You can download MAXWORK app to use the Remote and Direct.

Go to MAXWORK Services

All MAXWORK services can be used after application/subscription.

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If you have more questions about MAXWORK, please feel free to contact us!